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Self-Love is Key...

How to Love Yourself More and Appreciate What You Have.

We often get caught up in what we don’t have and forget to appreciate the gifts that come with being uniquely us. Learning how to love yourself more, appreciate your present moment, and all that comes with it is a valuable practice for any woman or man. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to do just that.

Be Kind to Yourself

It may sound simple, but one of the best ways to learn how to love yourself more is by being kinder to yourself. If you find yourself speaking harshly about yourself or beating yourself up mentally, try replacing those negative thoughts with positive affirmations instead. Remind yourself that you are capable of great things and worth so much more than what you can measure on paper.

Know Your Worth

Another way to boost self-love and appreciation is by recognizing your own worth. It can be easy for us to fall into the trap of feeling like we need validation from others in order to feel valued or successful. However, true success and worth come from within; believe in your own power and your ability to make something out of anything life throws at you!

Celebrate Yourself

Take time out of each day or week (or however often you can manage) for some self-celebration! Celebrating your victories no matter how small can help build up self-esteem as well as appreciation for all we have accomplished regardless of our circumstances. Whether it’s taking a hot bubble bath or baking a cake for yourself - whatever makes you feel good, do it!

Loving ourselves isn't always easy but it's an important part of living our best lives. Practicing self love and appreciation helps us recognize our worth while also allowing us time for reflection on all that we have been able to achieve despite any hardships we may have faced along the way. Taking time out of each day or week for some self-care such as positive affirmations, recognizing our own worth, celebrating our successes - however small they may be - will help build confidence in ourselves and make life much sweeter! So go ahead – love yourselves! You deserve it!

~Asya Vashaun

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